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The Dead Presidents Lounge is a custom tattoo shop and art gallery in Albany, NY. Tattooers include Dustin Horan, Dan Belcher, Christian Minick, Peter Clarke, Krystal Hulett, Geoffrey Decrucq, and Melanie Lucia-Clarke.
We here at the Dead Presidents Lounge know that you have many choices when it comes to where you will get your tattoo and are honored that you are taking the time to check out some of our work. If you would like to make an appointment with any of the artists here please call the shop at 518-689-0730.



Dustin Horan

The Force is what gives all living things their power, it is an energy field, surrounding, penetrating and binding the universe together. It is no secret Dustin has mastered the Force. In control of his energy field since birth - telepathy, telekenesis, and clairvoyance have been strong within Dustin from the beginning. In most ways he uses the Force to bring peace and harmony to people and the planet. But if you close your eyes and focus intently enough, Dustin is there, quietly whispering subliminal messages about tattoos at Dead Prez. In this way, Dustin uses the Force to gain ultimate power and control to rid the world of shitty tattoos once and for all.

Christian Minick

Keep it clean, keep it simple.

Krystal Hulett

Hi! My name is Krystal Hulett, and I grew up in Albany, N.Y. My dad taught me how to draw when I was little and I studied art through college until I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Printmaking. Shortly after I graduated, I began my apprenticeship under Dan Belcher. He was really scary, but he was an amazing teacher. During the next few years I studied traditional American tattooing, learned how to make needles, draw and paint flash, and developed a huge appreciation and respect for the history of our craft. Today, I’m so privileged to still be tattooing with the Dead Prez family. I always enjoy being able to give someone their first tattoo and introducing them to a tradition that I love so much. I like doing tattoos that give a nod to the past such as eagles/swallows, biker themed imagery, roses, anything from the natural world, and lettering. Outside of tattooing, I like to cook really unhealthy food, do yoga, ride my new motorcycle, and spend as much time as I can with the people I love; my family, friends, my pastorbabe, and my Chihuahua, Fi J.

Geoffrey Decrucq

While experienced in many styles, Geoff’s interests have led him to a focus on Japanese style tattooing. Geoff started around 94/95 in Los Angeles from such auspicious beginnings as doing Sharpie tattoos on the Venice Beach boardwalk to hanging out in the local shops. He took the hard road to learning by doing it on his own. He moved to Portland, Oregon, where, after finding like-minded artists, was able to further his progress. Geoff tries to do as much travelling as will allow being a father to three. If you’re lucky he may give you a Sharpie tattoo if he likes you.

Peter Clarke

My name is Pete Clarke and I do custom tattoos at The Dead Presidents Lounge. I have been practacing tattooing professionally since 2008.I enjoy natural and classical subject matter. I conentrate on contrast , size and simplicity .I try my best to design tattoos that are ledgible , impactful and that age well with the wearer. I’m a Dad, husband , artist and an a United States Airforce Vet. Here are a few examples of my work,Thank you for taking the time to check them out.

Melanie Lucia-Clarke

I like fresh fruit around the house and chocolate chips in my pancakes.





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