General Information

We are open Mon – Sat 12 pm – 8 pm | Please call for an appointment

We Don't Mess Around

You must be at least 18 years old to receive a tattoo.

  • Appointments will require a deposit to hold your spot. The deposit is non refundable, however, transferable and will go toward your last appointment session with your artist. Please give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment.
  • What To Bring

    Everyone is different, but we find it's often beneficial to eat a bite of food before getting tattooed. If food isn't your thing, we'll try not to say we told you so.

  • Please bring 2 forms of ID with you for every appointment (at least one picture..the other can just have your name).

  • We only accept cash. There is an ATM available at the bank next door.

  • Please! Do not bring any children with you to your appointment….toddlers and babies are adorable and we love them…however, not while we are working!


    Founded in 2006 as a labor of love between artists and friends with a passion for inflicting beautiful pain on fellow tattoo lovers.

    The Dead Presidents Lounge is a custom tattoo shop and art gallery in Albany, NY. Building up an impressive portfolio throughout the years, our artists are ready to hook you up with some dope new work. We pride ourselves on being a clean, well-rounded, and versatile shop with the best reputation in the area.
    Tattooers include Dustin Horan, Dan Belcher, Christian Minick, Peter Clarke, Krystal Hulett, Geoffrey Decrucq, and Melanie Lucia-Clarke.



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